The average person that uses WiFi does not know how to log into their WiFi Network . I take a lot of calls as a Wireless Gateway Support Tech for assistance for logging into a WiFi Network. These simple tricks will help get you either connect or re-connect to your WiFi, whether you are connecting for the first time or need to be re-connected.

  1. First restart your device (PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone).
  2. Make sure your WiFi is turned on.
  3. Choose your desired Network.
  4. Uncheck any box that says connect automatically.
  5. Choose and click the connect button.
  6. A pop up box asking for a Network Password or Security should appear and enter the Network Password or Security Key. ( if you do not remember your Network Security Key or Password it should be on a sticker on the back or bottom of your Router or Wireless Gateway).
  7. The device should then connect to your WiFi Network.
  8. If the Network Security Key or Password does not work then you will have to call your ISP to have it reset, or you can press the reset button on your Router or Wireless Gateway to reset it to default values, which will reset that Password or Security Key.

If you still have difficulties ask a Relative, Friend or Neighbor  to come help you. Yes you can call your ISP's Wireless Gateway Support department, but remember we can not physically come through the phone and show you hands on how to connect. It's is best to have a Relative, Friend or Neighbor come show you.

Happy Web Surfing!