Rejected due to Google Workspace

 First time ever I've been rejected and falsely accused of being decepive, for Contract work due to my location being masked by Google Workspace, for security reasons. My system was pinged and I was falsely accused of residing in the Silicon Valley, California.  I reside somewhere in Texas, which of course makes me AWESOME!

 I use an Enterprise browser that masks my location. The moral to this story is you can't fix the Technology illiterate, and stupid is, as stupid does. Their loss. We need less stupidity in the world! 

Nerdy-Girls are AWESOME!! 

A masked location. 


Welcome to the Darkside? 

        Do you feel or think that way about World Wide Web is a VIRTUAL DARKNESS? It certainly has evolved that way to some USERS. The WWWbecome a place of uncertainty, and an unsecure network of surprise. It's a tangled mess of fiber pipes. Some understand, some will not. It's a "TECHIE THINGY" that only Information Technology Specialists or "EDUCATED NERDS" will understand. Meanwhile; CARRY ON!! To those whom are unsavvy in Information Technology, we "NERDS" will carry out our duties to try and make the "www" a better place for the secular world 🤓👍🌎